Monday, April 11, 2011

"Listen, My Beloved"

Listen, My Beloved,

When you don't know which way to turn,
  turn to Me...
Let My light guide you.

When your spirits are low,
  turn to Me...
I will uplift you.

When you need healing,
  turn to Me...
I am the life that gives you life.

When your heart aches,
  turn to Me...
I am the balm that heals mind, body and spirit.

When you need comfort,
   turn to Me...
I am the love that soothes your troubled soul.

When mountains appear before you,
   turn to Me...
I will make them move.

Turn to Me, My beloved...
   I am yours and you are Mine.
   I will love you until the end of time.

(I wish I knew where this came from so I could properly credit it. It was a handout from my dear friend, Deacon Ron Bunofsky.)

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