Friday, April 8, 2011

Does Planned Parenthood Need or Deserve Federal Funds?

Good question. CLICK HERE To the read the Chiaroscuro Foundation report.

Some notable highlights:
  • According to its most currently published annual report, PP has nearly one billion dollars of net assets ($1,197,300,000.00 assets, and $202,600,000.00 liabilities).
  • Planned Parenthood is an abortion organization. It provides more abortions than any other organization in the United States, about one of every four U.S. abortions.
  • More government funding of Planned Parenthood has corresponded with increased numbers of abortions there.
  • By conservative estimates, abortions constitute about 37% of all PP revenues.
  • Planned Parenthood intends to increase the number of abortion clinics in its franchise. It recently announced that all affiliates should prepare to operate at least one abortion clinic over the course of the next two years.
  • For every adoption referral Planned Parenthood makes, it performs 340 abortions.
  • And my personal favorite:
  • In recent reports, Planned Parenthood acknowledges that it provided primary care only to about 19,700 of its 3 million unduplicated clients. These services have been trending downward for years, from 21,247 in 2007 to 20,235 in 2008, to today’s 19,796.

WRITE YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN THIS WEEKEND.  Drop a letter to the White House while you're at it.  


    Eddie Ray said...

    Planned parenthood is living proof that with the right lobbyists and alot of money........anything can happen

    Gina said...

    Yep. It's pretty horrible.

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