Monday, June 18, 2012

Plan B

I stumbled across an article today from a poster who proports to set the record straight about plan B:  A drug that claims to prevent conception by preventing ovulation after sexual intercourse.  The poster goes on to claim that the drug does not cause an abortion.  At the tips of your fingers lies the truth.  Go to plan B website, but don't stop there.  Of course, the site claims that Plan B will not end an already existing pregnancy. 
However, don't satisfy yourself with window dressing.  Dig a little deeper, on their site.  Go to the medication mechanism of action.  I will quote
"12.1 Mechanism of Action

Emergency contraceptive pills are not effective if a woman is already pregnant. Plan B One-Step is believed to act as an emergency contraceptive principally by preventing ovulation or fertilization (by altering tubal transport of sperm and/or ova). In addition, it may inhibit implantation (by altering the endometrium). It is not effective once the process of implantation has begun."
I repeat "In addition, it may inhibit implantation (by altering the endometrium)."  Their information, not mine.  Window dressing, concealing an early abortion. 
Let's unpack.  Fertilization occurs first.  The newly formed child floats around for a period of time in mom's uterus before finally implanting into the wall of the uterus sometime around 7 days post conception.  Plan B, by their own mouth, can alter implantation.  Note: At implantation MOM IS ALREADY A MOM.  A child exists in her womb.  Why do you suppose 30 some percent of women who take the drug report a heavier period?  Some in the medical community desperately wish to redefine pregnancy as occuring at implantation.  They can no more truly do that than they can reverse natural law.  I am outraged by this mispedaling of information to the public and to our children.  Stand up, stand up and fight.  Lest you be forced to pay for abortions because you believed the rhetoric.  Stand up and be counted at election time.  Will you stand for forced conscience violations?  Will you vote to pad your wallet instead of protect millions of innocent children?  The power, at least right now, in our country rests with the people.  Speak and speak loudly at election time.  Wake up now while we still possess freedom.
A further FYI...anyone 17 and over can purchase plan B without a prescription.  How many children's lives do you suppose plan B can claim responsibility for ending?  God alone knows.  Christ have mercy, Our Lady help us!  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Response to a response I read

Recently, today in fact, I came across a comment to which I felt I must respond. In a later post, the poster identifies him/her self as Catholic, a practicing Catholic in fact. Here is the original post.

"No problem, why not just tell the President that the Catholic church will not participate, which might destroy the health legislation. Then you can go back to providing your own money to take care of those people who need medical help. Also the Church will need to stop using any of the insurance companies that are doing business today. Abortion is legal as are the preventive contraceptives at present, so the Church will need to get these provisions overturned as soon as possible. All those who think that our government is at war with the Church could move to the Vatican one of the few places that abortion is illegal. But you will have to put up with the Italian State which allows abortion. The first amendment implies that no religion can be selected by the government to impose its dogma on the rest of the country. Remember you and I have freedom to choose and we can choose not to have abortion or use contraceptives, but we cannot tell other people what they must choose. The government might also take the tax loophole away from the Church for being a conservative, republican, catholic political party. God Bless you and just continue to speak our against what you do not like, but do not expect me to agree with you. By the way, I do not believe in abortion except under the current law that allows it for incest, rape and the life of the mother. "

And I repond to this writer and anyone else who claims these beliefs the following...
Your payment for the abortion makes you a particpant......and what makes the baby conceived from incest or rape less of a child than a child conceived in a wanted manner? Clearly the child can not chose the manner he or she enters the world. If you believe abortion wrong in one case, you must believe it wrong in all cases, or you are assigning worth to a child based on the circumstances to which the child enters our airspace. That is grossly unfair. The fact that a government deems a practice legal remains a far cry from the practice (abortion) being just. Not too long ago in our own country slavery enjoyed the same false legality. Do you believe that people in that time period actually possessed the right to own slaves? Would you have contributed money into a fund that allowed people to be bought as slaves even though you yourself opposed it? Turn to Germany. Once laws prevented the Jewish person from citizenship in their own country. Could that be right just because the law of the land proclaimed it? No way. When a law conflicts with God's law (catholic talking to catholic here), always go the way of God. Do you intend to stand before almighty God and honestly say that I personally do not believe in abortion, but the law passed, so I respected people's rights to follow it? In other words, to take the child He just created and destroy it. You might give some pause and thought to that. You say in your post that we have the freedom to chose. This mandate strips that freedom away. When you force me to pay any amount in any way for an abortion, when you propose to provide contraception and education privately to my daughter, when you tell employers and health care workers that they must violate their beliefs, freedom is gone. Plenty more could be discussed on other statements you lodged against the Catholic heiarchy, I simply caution you to remember they stand in need of many prayers as they are under attack. They are the modern day apostles, in so much as they stay in line with the Pope, they are the authentic teaching voice of the Church. This is a tenant of the Faith. If you disagree, perhaps you should look into yourself and ask are you really Catholic, or have you become Protestant? If you wish to follow up with a comment, you can find me at where I will repost my comment.

Wake up America! Or when you do will we be reliving Germany during WWII?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Media Bias

We know it's there. They're not telling us everything. And when I say "they" I mean all mainstream and cable media outlets (yes, even your favorite cable news channel--they're all guilty).

Take a look at the Vortex episode posted below that exposes just one blaring example of media bias. (The actual video starts at about 0.30 if you want to skip the ad & intro.)

If the mainstream and cable media outlets would withhold information in order to slant Republican primary results, can you imagine what else they're not telling us? When information is withheld from We the People, how can we possibly make the right decisions for ourselves, for our families, for this nation and for the future? If we're not getting the right information, or all the information, how can we tell when we're being lied to?

There are so many examples of media bias out there that it would take years to post them all, and quite frankly, we don't have that kind of time. In the sidebar of this blog (<= that one) is a link to There you'll get truth in journalism and plenty of resources to help you vote your conscience.

More resources from a Catholic perspective:

Catholic Culture
Notes on the Culture Wars
Catholic Online
Catholic News Agency
RealCatholicTV: Catholic News Roundup

I also recommend surfing the web for alternative, privately owned resources for current events, as far too often subsidized and publicly-traded companies have a vested interest in serving and protecting their benefactors.

And if you be unwilling to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Jesus Sighting...*SIGH.*

People of faith have supernatural experiences all the time. God is Himself supernatural after all. How else would He communicate with us? The experiences of St. Faustina, St. Bernadette, the students of Kibeho, Sister Agnes of Akito, the shepherd children of Fatima and many, many others are mighty demonstrations of the power of Heaven when it wants to get Earth's attention. Each of us who strives to live a devout life could I'm sure talk about varying degrees of supernatural experiences as well, though we hesitate to share our stories with anyone.

Gee, I wonder why?

Just a moment ago--yet again--I heard another Jesus-sighting story. Our local radio station's morning show (that is on against my will since I share an office with two other people) dropped the story in that ever-so-slightly facetious tone only trained media personnel can achieve between another joke about wardrobe malfunction and the traffic report. It will never cease to annoy me how mainstream media will ignore stories of real apparitions and the grave messages that always come with them and then latch onto ridiculous claims of images of Our Lord or Our Lady appearing on things like grilled cheese sandwiches, cloud formations, superstore receipts, pet fur, on building walls...

I hate that matters of faith have been reduced to being the butts of really bad jokes. These bogus stories like we hear on the mainstream media don't help. Some pretty compelling supernatural experiences are targets for second-rate commedians, which is sad, since they're some of the most powerful tools for conversion out there. I've had experiences like these, as have my husband, many of my friends and I'm sure many of you; but I rarely open up to anyone about my experiences. I can just hear the conversation now:
"One afternoon I was sitting on the sofa in prayer and suddenly I heard a voice that I just know was The Lord."

"You hear voices?"

"What? Oh, no. No, of course not, but it wasn't like that--"

"How do you know it wasn't just your imagination?"

"Well I know because I know The Lord."

"Really? How do you "know The Lord"? Does he also appear to on your morning toast?"

"Well no, of course not, but--"

"Do you believe Jesus appears on toast?"

"No, I'm sure He doesn't, but your--"

"What about on a K-mart receipt? You ever see that?"

"Well, no."

"Well then how can you believe you heard Jesus talking to you?"

"Because they're not the same thing at all. The toast is--"

"Oh, no, no, no, they are the same thing. They are the very same thing. People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear."

"But how can you possibly know that I wanted--"

"Look, it's either your imagination or you're a nut-job religious fanatic, and I'm leaning toward the latter, since you just admitted to me that you hear voices, didn't you?"
Seriously, friends, how do you combat the ignorance of a closed mind and a hard heart? The above is an example of what we've been doing, and as you can see we give them plenty of ammo.

So look at this as an option:
"One afternoon I was sitting on the sofa in prayer and suddenly I heard a voice that I just know was The Lord."

"You hear voices?"

"Do you want to just ridicule me? Because if so, we're done here."
Or how about this one:
How do you "know The Lord"? Does he also appear to on your morning toast?"

"Do you want to talk about fake toast stories or do you want to hear this story?"
I've done similar to both of these, and the conversations always ended abruptly. Charity does not mean letting someone kick you in the teeth, and turning the other cheek doesn't mean being a doormat. Faith is not entertainment. It's the ideal upon which we base our entire existence. Look to Christ in the gospels as our model in this. How often during his 3-year ministry up until his arrest did Jesus allow Himself to become the butt of a joke?


Don't you allow it, either.

And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomor'rah than for that town. Mt. 10:14-15

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Wake of the HHS Mandate

We're coming upon about a month since the HHS Mandate announcement that has rocked the Catholic world. Lawsuits from across the country have been filed and our Bishops have spoken. See what they have to say here.

Over the last few weeks, and on more than one occasion, I've heard a number of people around my diocese in discussions regarding the HHS Mandate and the subsequent insult compromise by the White House make a rather disturbing statement. It goes something like this: "I understand the Bishops' position, and I applaud their defense of the 1st amendment; but isn't this really an issue about religion. The decision has been made, the government should deal with matters pertaining to health care, and we're free to agree or disagree."

First let's tackle the obvious. If a person says "I am Catholic" but disagrees with Catholic teaching, are they really Catholic? The answer is simply, NO. To claim the Catholic faith as your own means you believe and accept ALL of her doctrines. It's not a smorgasbord, and the pertinant commandment is "Thou shall not kill." There's no black and white here. Abortion and birth control are both immoral. We are not, therefore, free to disagree.

Next we'll tackle the not-so-obvious. To institute a nationwide program that provides Americans with taxpayer- and insurance-funded resources premiums that allow them to kill is simply a violation of our faith. I believe everyone understands this point, yet still claims that there is freedom to disagree.

Not so.

A disagreement on a moral issue for which I have no tangible recourse is not "freedom to disagree". In other words, if I disagree with this issue, I can't just simply "opt out" and not pay. I MUST PAY ANYWAY, or suffer the consequences. That's right, if I disagree, I can't do diddly about it. I can say it over and over, I can write my congressmen, I can shout it from the mountaintop. It won't matter, though, because in the end, the money that I earn and for which I should have the freedom to spend wherever I choose will be taken from me and used to pay for something to which I am morally opposed.

Consider this excerpt from our Bishop's letter to our diocese on the mandate dated January 31, 2012:

"...the mandate will allow a Catholic institution one of three options: 1) violate its beliefs by
providing coverage for medications and procedures we believe are immoral; 2) cease providing health care
insurance for all of their employees and face ongoing and ultimately ruinous fines; or 3) attempt to qualify for
the exemption by hiring and serving only Catholics."

Is this your idea of freedom? Pay or suffer consequences regardless your beliefs?

What's next, armbands and ghettos?

Think about it. This is a critical juncture for faithful Catholics, and this issue--this PROBLEM--is not going to just go away easily.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Know Your Enemy

The HHS mandate should have given all of us some things to ponder. I think these days we often want to always see the best in everyone, to assume that no one really wants to bring harm to others. We think that deep down everyone is good at heart, tries to keep their word, are basically working toward the same thing that we are.

Over the years, I've learned that this is a fantasy.

There are, in fact, people who aren't good at heart, who sell their word to the highest bidder and work only toward their own agendas regardless the price the rest of us have to pay. Worst of all, we can't distinguish them from the crowd by simply looking at them.

Doesn't St. Paul warn us of this?

And what I do I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. 2 Cor 11:12-15

We living here on earth are called the Church Militant for a reason, and that reason is that we are at war with Hell. Yes, the war has been won, but every war has casualties. Time has not played out, and the casualty list is growing larger and larger. How many have already been lost because we have been living in a feel-good age we don't want to be reminded of such unpleasentries? We've not done ourselves any favors with all the nicey-nice hand holding. Too many of us Catholics don't know our faith, which means that too many of us don't understand our enemy.

Consider this a reminder.

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Skipped already?!

Posting every day. I should have worked the bugs out of using my new iPad before making that promise.

I owe y'all two.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tenth Leper

I don't know why my brothers
did not return with me.
Werent they rescued from their misery
like me?
His voice echoed through me,
washing away the stains that cursed me
and ignited in my soul
something that will take a lifetime to explain,
all with just a wo
This is no ordinary man.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dust and Ashes

It's been far too long since I posted something. Months! What kind of Catholic writer/blogger am I? Pictures, videos and linked articles are simply not the kind of work that I should be doing. Honestly.

So I've decided that for Lent I will post something original every day. (Does this count? No? Drat.) It may not be pretty, but it will be original. So here goes...

* * * * *

Yesterday afternoon I asked my husband which Mass he wanted to attend today.

"After work. Who has a 7:00?"

"That late?" I asked. "Why not first thing in the morning?"

"Because I'd rather go in the evening."

"But no one will see your ashes."

"I don't get them for everyone to see. I get them for me."

Well said, Eddie Ray. Thanks for the reminder.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Staying the Hand of Socialism/Communism

What are you doing today to reverse the HHS mandate? Regardless of your creed, the HHS mandate seriously jeopardizes the freedoms our country's founding fathers built it upon. If you practice Lent in your faith, please offer up sacrifices to end this freedom killing Mandate.

Monday, February 6, 2012

HHS Mandate

Today, I sat at my computer and composed emails to my representative and senators. Every person of good will that loves freedom should do the same. The HHS (Health and Human Services) mandate attacks the very core of the freedoms which our ancestors fought time and time again to protect. The mandate requires women's "preventative" services including, all FDA approved birth control, sterilization, and education and counseling to promote these for all women of reproductive age. In the following paragraph I will attempt a translation of what this means.

All FDA contraceptive drugs include the abortion inducing drug Ella, the morning after pill, and birth control pills. All of the listed drugs can cause abortions. In addition, it would also include the IUD. The IUD works by guiding a fertilized egg, in other words a tiny human, out of a mother's uterus before it can implant into the wall. The IUD, when used effectively as birth control, works in an abortifacient manner 100% of the time. As if this all falls short of stepping on the toes of freedom, we now add that women of reproductive age, aka around 11-13 for girls, receive counseling on the use of such products.

Now that we have a clear picture let's discuss the "outs" given for religious reasons. An institution/employer can opt out of providing this coverage only if they serve soley those whose beliefs follow suit. For example, Catholic charities, schools, or hospitals can opt out only if they serve solely other Catholics, or those holding to the same belief system. This flies in the face of Catholics long history of helping everyone, regardless of creed. It will only hurt and restrict the health care system: instead of making it accessible to more people, in fact institutions will close, restricting more people from receiving proper care.

Frankly, any person who understands freedom must exhibit a healthy amount of outrage as such an atrocious attempt to limit freedom, regardless of creed. As United States citizens every one of us needs to make our voices heard. On this argument, pro choice and pro life persons should stand together. After all, the mandate removes all choice. For years, the pro choice movement claimed if you do not like abortion, do not have one. Well, the government now sees fit to say, if you do not believe in abortion, too bad, you must pay for it anyway. No sir. I still believe in my freedom and God given right to say NO WAY. No way will you trample on my faith and all that stands dear to me. No Way will I take part in a child dying. No way will you teach my daughter how to use contraception.

For if the mandate stands, freedom must fall. If I must pay for a product that violates my conscience and my faith, my country greatly fails in its duty to safeguard my freedom. For truly freedom carries a price. This mandate renders every war ever fought to guarantee our freedom impotent. If the mandate stands, freedoms fought and won on foreign shores no longer possess meaning in this country to these citizens. The current administration seemingly laughs and mocks the American public. It mocks our intelligence when it tries to sell religious exemptions so narrow that no religious institution that I know could claim the freedom to opt out. All persons, regardless of religious belief, stand up, get outraged at this affront to our freedom, and start doing your part to reverse it.

Will you sit back because these particular set of impositions do not disagree with your conscience? Or will you instead see that this mandate, forced on the people, only opens the door to the next mandate which can/will offend your conscience? It can be summed up quite nicely in the infamous quote about the Nazi party...."First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak out because I was Protestant. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me."

Will you sit back and take this or will you fight it? Ultimate power rests in the hands of the people. Pick up the phone, type a letter, let the representatives know that freedom remains precious. In the past history of our country, the burden to safeguard freedom largely fell to the soldiers and military. Today I tell you we have an attack as serious as any terrorist attack or as serious as any war.

How can the government do this? The answer? The government can still only accomplish what we, as citizens allow it to do. We possess the strings. We vote, we can exert the pressure on our ELECTED congress. We must act on this. If we do not, we leave to our children a legacy of bondage, not a legacy of freedom. As a Catholic, a mother, a woman, and a human being I am incensed by this attack. Everyone of us should be, regardless of our religous beliefs. Make no mistake, if this mandate doesn't attack your freedom, the next one will. Thus instead of a government for the people and by the people, we become a government for the few and by the few imposed upon the people. Will you stand by and do nothing? Or will you raise up in defense of the freedoms of all people?

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