Friday, September 30, 2011

Secular View of Work

Yesterday a group here at my workplace (including upper management--we don't mess around) got together for what we call our monthly devotional meeting.

We discussed the secular view of work and work's place in life:

The ultimate purpose of work is to fulfill yourself.  Success in life means success in work. Image counts more than substance. Do whatever it takes to get the job done. Success is measured by material wealth, professional recognition and positional status. Work is self-directed, defines the worker and is assigned whatever purpose or meaning to the worker's life by the worker. You set both the goals and the rules, and there is no authority or value system higher than yourself to which you will ultimately submit.

And we wonder why the world is going to hell in a fast car?  The secular view of life is ultimately self-defeating and makes work a form of idolatry. (thanks to Marketplace Solutions for inspiring this reflection.)

Take a hard look at the world today, governed by this secular view of work and it's place in life. Is it any wonder that our nation continues to suffer from so many social and economic ills?

When God is left out of the solution, the problems only get worse, because we were created by God, for God and His purpose, which is to love and serve HIM in this world, so we can be with Him in the next.

Pray for America.

Pray for a return to the true freedom from the chains of this world.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pro life meeting

Tomorrow night at 7pm Men and Women United for Life will be having a meeting open to the public at St Charles Catholic Church in Boardman, Ohio. The meeting will feature speakers and light refreshments!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


From the Gonzaga Bulletin article titled Homosexuality & Catholicism: Misconceptions addressed by students and University Ministry by Joseph Suttner:
"First and foremost, [the Church] doesn't say anything in particular about homosexuality, per se. It does say that we are created in God's image, male and female created in God's image," Hightower said.

Hightower said the only document the American Catholic Church has to guide it on the topic of homosexuals within the Church is a document from the United States Bishops' Conference called "Always Our Children."

"They're not meaning to be experts on sexuality, they're not meaning to be experts on orientation, but they are providing pastoral ministry to parents and students at a very difficult time in someone's life as they come to terms and come to the freedom of their orientation," Hightower said.

Thanks to for initially getting this article out there.


1. The Church actually says quite alot "in particular about homosexuality, per se". She says it here, here, here, here, and in so many other documents that I can't link them all.

2. The "American Catholic Church" is not an entity. There is ONE Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

3. The document referenced was produced by a committee, not by the Bishops' Conference directly, and neglected to obtain any input from the majority of our Bishops. (Read this article by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz--again, thanks to RealCatholicTV for initially making it available.)

4. The Church's intent is singular: to provide for us the very means to our salvation, as Jesus Christ designed her to be. Thus Hightower's statement regarding the Church's "expertise" is laughable.

5. Homosexuality is, and has always been, considered DISORDERED, and therefore an obstacle to the grace of God and to our salvation which flows from His grace. Therefore, any member of the clergy either implying or outright stating otherwise is participating in the obstruction of God's saving grace and really needs to rethink his vocation.

Pray for our priests. Pray for Mother Church.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fr. Frank Pavone Recalled To Amarillo

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, has issued the following statement:

“For the past several years, my Ordinary, the Most Reverend Patrick Zurek, Bishop of Amarillo, has given me permission to do the full-time pro-life work that I have done since 1993. In 2005, I made a public promise in a Church ceremony in Amarillo, presided over by a Vatican Cardinal, that this full-time pro-life work would be a lifetime commitment. That’s a commitment I promise to fulfill without wavering.

“This past week, however, I received a letter from the Bishop insisting that I report to the Diocese this Tuesday, September 13 and, for the time being, remain only there. 

Read Fr. Pavone's entire statement HERE.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Queen of Heaven!

Today I give you a rosary, and the launch of my latest endeavor, Captaining a Rosary Rally. Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saying It Doesn't Make It So

Actions speak louder than words. Cliche? sure, but still true. Take the following excerpt from CNS' Aug 31 news briefs:
The office of Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis includes images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a glass crucifix and a sculpture of Mary and Jesus. Her Catholic faith, she said, "is a part of my life. My faith is what motivates me." The lessons her faith teaches about hope, about helping others, about seeking higher things is something woven into the fabric of her daily life, she said. "I do it in a quiet way," she said.
Thanks to RealCatholicTV and California Catholic Daily for bringing this buried item to the surface..and I do mean "buried". Though this brief appears dead-last on the page linked above, it's still problematic that CNS would print it at all. Why? Let's have a look at Ms. Solis' "quiet way" of being motivated by her faith:
  • She quietly acquired her 100% pro-choice rating from NARAL.
  • She quietly voted for national and international spending on providing contraception and abortion. 
  • She quietly voted against criminalizing harm to a wanted unborn child. 
  • She quietly voted against banning the atrocity of partial birth abortion. 
  • She quietly voted against preventing underage mothers from crossing state lines and obtaining abortions. 
  • She quietly voted for the use of human beings as science experiments such as human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.
(Click here for the details on Ms. Solis' voting record.)

Is CNS really serious about letting this woman get away with saying that her faith has shaped her? Solis can wallpaper her office with religious images and surround herself with dozens of crucifixes.  She can wax poetic about her parents' faith until the end of time. Material compliance with evil is as bad as the evil itself.

CNS, you may want to stop bragging on politicians such as Solis.They give Catholics a bad name.
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