Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Senomyx: A Brand-New Reason to Go Organic

If nothing else has curbed your appetite for artificial food additives, this will probably do it. Senomyx, a San Diego biotech company, uses cells from aborted fetuses in flavor research. I first read about it at Aggie Catholics.

According to the Senomyx Website, their Corporate Collaborators are Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Kraft Foods Inc., Firmenich SA, Nestlé SA, PepsiCo and Solae. PepsiCo, Kraft & Nestlé are most likely breaking your heart.

The others, lesser known by the general public, are quite far-reaching.

*Ajinomoto is the world leader in manufacturing salt substitutes like MSG and the artificial sweetener aspartame.

*Firmenich is a manufacturer of designer perfumes, seasonings, food and beverage flavors & food enhancers, and of a relatively new sweetener, Splenda.

Solae, a joint venture between DuPont and Bunge Limited, was ironically named one of the world's most ethical companies in 2011. They call themselves the "world leader" in developing soy products and ingredients. If the product contains soy, chances are it's from Solae.

I think I'll clean out my cupboards after work today.


Eddie Ray said...

Makes you wonder about alot of products on the market. We all must work on getting back to the basics.
If you can't plant your own garden and can your own food, be sure to seek out your local farmers markets this year. And be sure from now on to read the labels and boycott all these products. Great Blog...........

Gina said...

Yes, Ed, it totally does make you wonder. I'm all about gardening and am very much in favor of supporting local food growers, but not for the touchy-feely environmentalist reasons. It's for reasons like this. God help us all.

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