Thursday, March 17, 2011


I received this message in my Inbox today:
On Tuesday, the House approved a second short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) bill that would keep the government running for three weeks by a vote of 271-158.

First, the bad news: the three-week Continuing Resolution did not include the Pence Amendment that would defund Planned Parenthood.

Now the good news: 158 Members voted against the Continuing Resolution, with many pro-life Representatives voting against it because it failed to defund Planned Parenthood – an incredible show of momentum for our efforts.

Our pro-life heroes in Congress led the charge, with Reps. Jim Jordan, Mike Pence, Joe Pitts, Michele Bachmann, Jean Schmidt, Steve King, Trent Franks and Chris Smith voting against the bill. They were joined by many courageous pro-life freshmen such as Reps. Tim Huelskamp and Andy Harris who refused to back the measure because it didn’t defund Planned Parenthood.

From its founding Planned Parenthood's agenda has been clearly anti-life, anti-Church and anti-woman in spite of their claims. Planned Parenthood can drive their big pink bus around with gigantic numbers plastered all over it bragging about how tax dollars only pay for their free pap smears and breast exams until they're blue in the face. A spreadsheet column doesn't give you a pass when you not only provide abortions on demand, but over the last several years have been exposed doing what many of us have known all along--that Planned Parenthood distributes misinformation, encourages lying and dishonesty in teenagers, promotes deviant sexual behavior, and protects sexual predators, statutory rapists and human traffickers.

Yes, many of us have known for years that teenagers going to Planned Parenthood for birth control, pregnancy tests and abortions would get them, and get them without parental consent. When I was a teen back in the 80s, every worker at Planned Parenthood outright asked teenagers if they'd get in trouble if their parents found out they were inquiring about Planned Parenthood services, and counseled them to lie. I know first hand--when I called to inquire about birth control (yes, young and stupid) they offered to use the code name "Sally" if they needed to call my house. I chickened out of the appointment, but quite a number of the girls in my class didn't chicken out of their appointments and used their services-including obtaining abortions-without their parents' consent.

More recently I had the opportunity to watch Bloodmoney, which outlined Planned Parenthood's model of deception, including their eugenics background, their apparently racist agenda (click here to watch the clip), their distribution of faulty and ineffective birth control to teens, and so much more that it made me sick.  You can read Robin's review of Bloodmoney and watch the trailer here.

So am I surprised that courageous Lila Rose has been able to walk right into random Planned Parenthood facilities across the country and capture Planned Parenthood employees repeatedly breaking the law? Should this be a surprise to anyone?


My friends, it's time to stop this big pink bus. Click here to contact your Representative, you Senators, and even President Obama if you so desire, to support the Pence Amendment to defund Planned Parenthood.

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