Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buy This CD! My Beloved Son by Fr. Robert Barron

I don't believe there is a better equipped teacher around today who can deliver the Catholic faith than Fr. Robert Barron. He's proving one project at a time that it IS possible to teach the faith in a succinct, accessible manner without leaving anything out or watering it down. My Beloved Son: Meditations for Lent is yet another example of this. This collection of Fr. Barron's Lenten sermons is the best purchase I've made this Lent.

Here's the playlist:

1. The True and False Messiah (Luke 4:1-12): The temptation of Jesus in the Desert
2. Transfigured Prayer (Mark 9:2-8): The Transfiguration
3. The Thirst for God (John 4:4-41): The Woman at the Well
4. The Father and the Sons (Luke 15:11-32): The Prodigal Son
5. Planting the Law Within: Jeremiah (31:31) The Promise of a New Covenant
I thought I knew each of these readings from Scripture well. After listening to this, I realize that I have MUCH to learn.

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