Monday, March 21, 2011

Media, Shmedia.

After watching 60 Minutes' interview with Abp. Dolan that aired last evening, I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mainstream media in this country is garbage. From badgering Dolan about the sex abuse scandal (which cannot be compared to the exponential number of abusers and their cohorts found in every walk of life in this country who continue to fly safely under the radar of mainstream media and the authorities) to inciting division by repeatedly mislabeling Dolan the "American Pope", Morley Safer proved to be once again nothing more than a secular propagandist.

His introduction: "The past decade has been devastating for the Catholic Church; seemingly endless cases of sexual abuse..." SEEMINGLY endless; seemingly, as opposed to reality; what's relative as opposed to what's true. Pay attention to the words, and to the lack of facts. He offends me, and should offend every Catholic in his attempt to speak for the faithful-the REAL faithful.

I will not criticize His Excellency for his laughter, his lightheartedness, and for not saying more than he did, as it was quite obvious by the abrupt cuts in the dialogue that many of Dolan's remarks in this interview were edited out. I also give the Archbishop two thumbs up for not giving them anything to spin.

He made it very clear: The Church will not bend on the "settled questions".  Period.

If you'd like to see just how anti-Catholic both the media and this nation are, pick up a copy of Double Standard: Abuse Scandals and the Attack on the Catholic Church. (I'll be reviewing it over the next few weeks.)  Also,  Click here for Abp. Dolan's commentary on the historical Anti-Catholic sentiment found in America, which I would like to see someone in the mainstream media further explore. The fight to which Safer referred was when His Excellency called the Times out for lambasting the Church and Pope Benedict XVI for not defrocking a priest found guilty of extensive abuse, but never reporting that the abuse took place in the 1970's and the priest has been dead since 1988.

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