Monday, May 25, 2009


I am the daughter of a Vietnam War hero. While in combat, my dad suffered a bullet wound in the left arm, tearing off the majority of his bicep. Thank God, because just a few inches to his right, the bullet would have punctured his heart and I would not be here. They were going to amputate, but through my dad's courage and determination, he still has his arm. I might be biased, but my dad's story of survival and recovery is the stuff of which movies are made.

I'm also the wife of a Gulf War veteran. While inspecting his equipment at Camp Lejeune, he found tucked into his helmet a note from his son Carl, telling him how much he loved him, and how proud he was of him. Imagine it: a room full of Marines brought to tears by the love of one man's son. Ed has told me on several occasions that finding that note was one of the most profound moments of his life.

My great-uncle Ronnie, who's nearing his 90's, was a WWII gunner. My nephew is an Iraqi War veteran. He served two tours. My step-brother, a US Army Major, is nearing retirement, having served his country for 20-plus years, including leading troops in Iraq. Today the sons, daughters, nieces, nephews of many of us are still abroad, serving their nation in a time of war.

Today we don't just remember those who have died on the battlefields. We also celebrate those who have survived them, and we honor those who still serve, by sharing in a day of peace with families and friends. Fly your flags today for them.


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