Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Man On Crutches

The seminarian stepped out of the chapel after his morning prayers one Sunday morning and observed a man on crutches by the holy water font. He watched as the man dipped his hand in and sprinkle first his left leg, then his right. Looking up to heaven, the man threw his crutches off beside him.

The seminarian ran as fast as he could to the rectory and told the pastor all that he had seen.

"Mary, Mother of God! You've just witnessed a miracle!" exclaimed the pastor. "Where is the man right now?"

"Next to the holy water font laying flat on his face."

(St. Philip Neri, that one's for you.)

"If God be with us,
there is no one else left to fear."


Joe Strain said...

You brought a smile when I needed one..
De Colores

Emmaus Conversations said...

Rule 62 in AA Never take yourself to darn seriously

Which is really Neri as there are no rules in AA

De Colores

Gina said...

Hi Joe....and you bring a smile with every comment. Thanks for being such a loyal reader! DE COLORES

Gina said...


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