Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Heart of Jesus

I think of [the Holy Spirit] as the love that dissipates all darkness and gives perfect light, that supplants all ignorance with perfect knowledge. -St. Catherine of Siena

About a year ago someone asked me how "we Catholics" could spend so much time focusing on the cross.

My answer to this question at the time was simply, "how can you live the resurrection had there not been death?" I have grown so much since then.

Today I began my day with week two's morning meditation of a five-Wednesdays Devotion to St. Catherine of Siena. I found it last month while researching a post for her feast day. Today's meditation, titled "St. Catherine's Love for the Heart of Jesus", actually draws us into His wounds, particularly His pierced side: "The Passion of our Lord being ended...could not suffice to manifest to us His Infinite Love; therefore He desired that His side should be opened to us, as if to reveal to us how much His Will and desire even surpassed the sufferings endured...All that Christ did for us was done through the love of His Heart." It's no wonder this Doctor of The Church bore the stigmata.

His Wounds. His Will. His Love.

This is definitely the kind of love worthy of my full attention; the kind of love worthy of remembrence in the form of a crucifix on my wall. As we prepare for Pentecost, may we never forget the infinite love which gives us the Holy Spirit that dwells within us.

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