Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saying It Doesn't Make It So

Actions speak louder than words. Cliche? sure, but still true. Take the following excerpt from CNS' Aug 31 news briefs:
The office of Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis includes images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a glass crucifix and a sculpture of Mary and Jesus. Her Catholic faith, she said, "is a part of my life. My faith is what motivates me." The lessons her faith teaches about hope, about helping others, about seeking higher things is something woven into the fabric of her daily life, she said. "I do it in a quiet way," she said.
Thanks to RealCatholicTV and California Catholic Daily for bringing this buried item to the surface..and I do mean "buried". Though this brief appears dead-last on the page linked above, it's still problematic that CNS would print it at all. Why? Let's have a look at Ms. Solis' "quiet way" of being motivated by her faith:
  • She quietly acquired her 100% pro-choice rating from NARAL.
  • She quietly voted for national and international spending on providing contraception and abortion. 
  • She quietly voted against criminalizing harm to a wanted unborn child. 
  • She quietly voted against banning the atrocity of partial birth abortion. 
  • She quietly voted against preventing underage mothers from crossing state lines and obtaining abortions. 
  • She quietly voted for the use of human beings as science experiments such as human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.
(Click here for the details on Ms. Solis' voting record.)

Is CNS really serious about letting this woman get away with saying that her faith has shaped her? Solis can wallpaper her office with religious images and surround herself with dozens of crucifixes.  She can wax poetic about her parents' faith until the end of time. Material compliance with evil is as bad as the evil itself.

CNS, you may want to stop bragging on politicians such as Solis.They give Catholics a bad name.


Eddie Ray said...

Very well put...that goes for 90%
of everything printed today.
Thank God for people like you that expose the truth. Keep it up.

Gina said...

Thanks Eddie Ray! People need to know the truth, even if they don't want to hear it.

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