Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Question of Sex Education"

Lucetta Scaraffia provides answers in her editorial titled "Not Just Any Matter":
[F]or increasingly dysfunctional families it’s very difficult to teach a sexual morality that is not testified to by the parents and or the environment in which children live. So, it seems easier to renounce any kind of moral teaching and leave the problem to schools, which substitute moral education with technical information. If the results are disastrous, you pretend not to know it: it is much easier to ignore the problem, pretend to resolve it with useless, and even harmful, school courses, rather than address the issue which underlies it… that is, the resounding failed utopia of the sexual revolution and subsequent breakdown of the first institution of moral education, the family.
Well said, Lucetta.

CLICK HERE to read the entire editorial.

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