Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sound of Babies Crying

Nighttime Scares: Working at the Abortion Clinic After Dark
by Abby Johnson
When I was at Planned Parenthood, I used to work a lot…I mean, a lot. Sometimes, I would work as many as 80 hours in one week. In order to do that, I would have to go in at night. Lots of buildings are eerie at night…none are creepier than an abortion clinic.

I remember going into the clinic by myself for the first time in the morning. I used to go in with a group of employees. But I had gotten there before anyone else, so I went ahead and decided to make my way in. One of the guys that worked there had there had made a joke about being in the clinic alone. He said that when you there alone, you could hear babies crying. I always thought that was a weird joke…but we made lots of weird jokes there. I knew it certainly wasn’t true. Even still, this first day I went in alone, I was a little nervous about it.

I walked in and heard the heavy door slam behind me. It echoed as it closed. The clinic had high ceilings and every noise echoed like you were in a cave. It was silent…no creaks, no water dripping, nothing…totally silent. So silent in fact, I could almost hear something…and I’m telling you, it almost sounded like babies crying. I know that sounds crazy and I totally disregarded it at the time. I ran up to the front of the clinic, away from the freezer where the babies were kept until the medical waste came to pick them up. I didn’t want to be next to that freezer. Did I really hear that? Surely it was just my imagination.

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...and continue to pray for an end to the violence of abortion.


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