Monday, May 9, 2011

Abortion Mega Center A Waste of Taxpayer Money

Auburn Hills, Michigan-- Planned Parenthood has spent two hundred thousand dollars of taxpayers’ money to purchase a building in Auburn Hills, Michigan that could be lost because of mismanaged funds. The building, located at 1625 N. Opdyke Road, carries a deed restriction forbidding its use as a medical facility.

According to CoStar, a commercial real estate reporting agency, the property was purchased by Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan late last year. The abortion giant did not rule out the use of the building as a large “medical” abortion facility. The owner of the adjacent property holds a recorded interest in its uses, and has written Planned Parenthood a letter with his attorney expressing readiness to take legal action to protect it.

The owner of the building next door is currently still in dialogue with Planned Parenthood’s legal counsel, hired from Dykema Gossett PLLC, a prestigious Michigan-based law firm.

Planned Parenthood’s loss of the building would mean a waste of the two hundred thousand dollars in tax money commissioned to acquire the building. Such a large amount of money wasted on a questionable real estate purchase, either without adequate research or with intention to breach legal precedents, is not an institution that should be trusted with taxpayers’ funds. This incident has raised eyebrows in the state capital, and may have repercussions regarding the state funding of the abortion provider.

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