Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Storm

The little red dot thing is me.
All that blue and purple is the snowstorm a-comin.

It's going to get pretty nasty tonight. 

 ...and it's looking bad for the next two days.
They're even warning everyone to be ready for power outages.

We are very fortunate: we have full oil lanterns, plenty of wood for the insert, a fridge full of food and big front porch to move it to if the power goes out.  It's looking like hundreds of thousands of people across the country will be affected by this storm. Pray for those on the streets; those who have no heat alternative; those with empty refrigerators; those who are alone; the children; the elderly; the sick. It's going to get cold, dark, icy and dangerous.


Eddie Ray said...

I would also like to add that being prepared for bad weather and such is only part of it. During the times when you can say "Man we got it good" is the time to exercise your spirituality so you have the muscle to battle the demons.

Gina said...

so true, Ed...couldn't have said it better!

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