Monday, February 28, 2011

A Catholic View: Fr. Pavone, the ‘Terri Schiavo Priest’, will pay to bring Baby Joseph to U.S.

Now this is what I call faith in action.
"If I have to fly from Rome to Canada to get Baby Joseph out of the hospital and back home where he belongs, I am ready to do that right now,” said Father Pavone, who has been attending meetings at the Vatican this week.

Father Pavone said Priests for Life will pay all expenses to bring Baby Joseph and his family to a hospital in the United States that would agree to perform the tracheotomy that would make it possible for him to go home.

Read the entire press release HERE.

A shout out to Christine at A Catholic View for posting this yesterday. Click on the title of this post to see the video she posted of the baby. Joseph is most certainly NOT in a vegetative state as the press would have you believe.

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