Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anti-Christian Violence Latest Headlines...

from Bishop Urges Christians to leave Iraq:

“I say clearly and now-- the Christian people should leave their beloved land of our ancestors and escape the premeditated ethnic cleansing,” said Archbishop Athanasios Dawood, one week after a massacre at the Syrian Catholic cathedral in Baghdad. “This is better than having them killed one by one.”

(Watch an interview with Archbishop Dawood here.)

and from Iraqi priest, torture victim leads school esteemed by Muslim neighbors:

Father Douglas al-Bazi, a Chaldean Catholic priest...has decided to stay in his Baghdad neighborhood despite being kidnapped and tortured in 2006. “It’s not that I’m a hero-- I don’t care about that,” the priest says. “I care about staying with my people. My people never asked me to be a hero, they just want to see me here with them.”

Genocidal violence in Iraq has been escalating against Christians since 2003.

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All Christians 'targets,' Iraqi militant group says

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