Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WHC Cass County ND Chapter

They must be members, because they've basically told abortionist Dr. Lori Thorndike that she really doesn't need to follow the law. All an abortionist needs to do is slap her forehead and declare, "Whoops, I forgot to file the paperwork! Silly me."

Cheryl Sullenger from Operation Rescue puts it best: " one is saying that Thorndike did not break the law. They simply refuse to enforce the laws that were broken."

Read about it here.

Pray in reparation for the injuries to and deaths of women
because of Abortion and Birth Control.


Anonymous said...

I ask myself, in a country that allows for the killing of the tiniest children, do we expect other "civilized" laws to be enforced? The entire business is barbaric and I for one am ready for an end to abortion. Its proof that in the business of killing children, there is no caring about their mothers!

Gina said...

Robin, I totally agree. When even politicians and judges would rather ensure that abortionists are able to stay in the business of violating women and murdering their babies than uphold the law? Scary world. Pray for America.

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