Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tagged By A Messenger

Angela Messenger, that is.  So what am I against?

Former Catholics Who Fancy Themselves Experts On Catholicism.  Whenever I talk with a former Catholic, eventually they say to me something like this:  "I grew up Catholic, I know all about the Catholic Church." This statement usually follows either an anti-Catholic sentiment from which I must walk away or get angry, or by an explanation on something Catholic, varying in its level of incorrectness from slightly off to completely wrong.   

This Women Priests Thing.  Is it just me, or do these chicks pretending to be priests give you the creeps, too? It's like they're dressing up and playing Church, but Heaven and Hell are not a Chinese dice game (that's heaven and earth-nyuk). First off, the male priesthood is a matter of dogma. Second, it's a matter of dogma.  Third, IT'S A MATTER OF DOGMA. Christ already decided this one by picking 12 male Apostles. Leave it alone, folks, He's God.

People Who Ignore Approved Private Revelation, and use cinnamon rolls shaped like Mother Theresa's head to disprove all private revelation. There is nothing more irritating than a straw man argument.

...and now for the big one...
Women Haters.

No, not them.

And not things like glass ceilings & unequal salaries, or gender-specific language. Seriously, corporate opportunity? a measure of greed and an occasion of envy. Gender-neutral language? hinders communication and sidetracks people from the real issues. I'm talking about something far more damaging to women.

You know, on the surface, very few would accept a woman's being objectified. On the surface, very few would support making a woman feel terrible about herself simply because she is a woman. On the surface, very few would dream of telling a woman that being physically or emotionally harmed is something that is both necessary and good for her.

On the surface, very few would argue that these things are anything other than hatred toward women. Deep down, however, a great many people fully support all of these things, because they support abortion and birth control. Birth control and abortion both accomplish all three of these terrible things, and the supporters of birth control and abortion will do anything they can to push the lie that they don't.

That so many supporters of abortion and birth control are women make this reality even more tragic.

Pray in reparation for the injuries to and deaths of women because of Abortion and Birth Control.

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Click here to read the original "I'm Against It!" Terry, great meme. You're a gentleman and a scholar.


Angela M. said...

The last few paragraphs - wow, I hadn't really thought about it like that before but you are right!

Angela M. said...

Oh! And the the first paragraph is spot on! I won't go into details but I know a LOT of people like that!

Gina said...

Hi Angela! Thanks for reading, and for tagging me!! very cool meme. WOO HOO!

Gina said...

Ok, I'll admit it. I had to break up this reply because I have this bizarre need to have an even number of comments! YES I know. It's just a tad bit completely insane.


now to be serious. Yes, the more I learn about just how much damage both birth control and abortion do to women, the more I am just floored by the depth of hatred humanity has for itself.

I started to read a book by Naomi Wolf titled The Beauty Myth, which gets into some of the more superficial ways that women abuse themselves and one another; I see birth control and abortion both as the extreme self-abuse for acceptance. Very sad.

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