Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Created a Woman

This is a reflection relating to the subject of women demanding ordination. It most recently, on this blog, relates to Gina's post, One Spirit-One Call, see previous blog. This subject makes me sad because society has done damage to women.

Perhaps one of the sole remaining organizations that protects the authentic dignity of the women is the Church. Men and women are equal in dignity, but different in function. The greatest creative work from the hand of God is the mother of God. Yet, she did not stand in the role of the apostles. She humbly accepted her role and it was no less great than that of Peter. It was different.

For those who are claiming the Bible doesn't say what the church teaches regarding church authority, look again. There is one church that God established and it so sad that it is fractured into a million pieces. I being a fundamentalist convert, know this first hand. If you are Catholic, you must accept the teachings of the church, or you cease to be Catholic. You put yourself outside of the Church by refusing to accept its teachings. It never was and never will be and never should be a democracy. It is much better; guided by the Holy Spirit.

If we understand what we have in the Catholic Church, the true body of Christ, what could drag our children away from that? What could drag us away from that? What keeps us from being on our face in front of our Lord and Savior completely physically present on the altar? Teach your children about the truth of the Eucharist. Teach them to embrace the gifts that God gave them as girls. Women have precious gifts given only to them by God.

God did not ordain that men should be able to carry and nurture life in their body. That was a high honor, reserved for women. Perhaps we should think about that alone and embrace that thought. We alone carry children in our body. And what have we done with the gift? Ripped it apart in a million pieces with birth control and abortion. Now, men are given a gift and a responsibility in our church. Some women are not satisfied with our role, we want his role. We want his gift. It doesn't work like that. We complement each other. Don't focus your eyes on what you think you are entitled to, but look to the Blessed Mother and echo her fiat.

Jesus had a great love for women. He often did taboo activities in His society, for example, healing on Sunday, eating with sinners, etc. He was not afraid to go against the grain. If He wanted a women to be an apostle, he would have chosen one, whether that was popular in His day or not. But He did not. He chose men. He chose to reveal Himself as man. Not because men are better, but because we are different. Human dignity is the same whether male or female. We are equal. We differ in function. Embrace it. Did Mary argue that God built the church on Peter instead of her? Did she complain that she wasn't at the last supper? Or did she go about her role, recognizing that she had to fufill what she was created to be. She nurtured her son, taught Him His faith, and held Him as He suffered.

We should spend more time embracing our God created role to function as nurturers, as help mates. Only then will we understand that we are complete. Only then will we have said Yes to Jesus like Mary did. I think that instead of desiring the gifts of other people, we should work on setting our eyes on the gift of God alone. If you teach your children the beauty of what the Mass is, the very body of Christ incarnate come to the altar, I can't imagine they would leave. And shame on anyone who leaves our God on the altar because they can't have things "their" way. Let's get about the business of keeping our children Catholic and embracing our responsibility and gift of being women.


Angela M. said...

Excellent post!The best sentence is this: I think that instead of desiring the gifts of other people, we should work on setting our eyes on the gift of God alone.

Robin Marie Therese said...

Thanks Angela! All glory given to God.

Anonymous said...

very beautifully written robin... what a powerful message put in such a simple way....we are not one better than the other. we just compliment each other for GOD'S will in "different", not "lesser" roles from each other. i especially liked where you wrote about Mary's role in Jesus' life: she nurtured, taught him his faith, and held him in her arms at death. such a simple, maternal, and necessary gift for her to give....thankyou. love, janet

Robin Marie Therese said...

thanks darling Janet! Love ya!

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