Monday, September 13, 2010

"Everybody Got 2 Suffer"

Thanks, Janet, for sending this along to me. Fr. Stan Fortuna has one of the most dynamic ministries out there today. Blessed with talent and armed with the truth, Fr. Stan is changing lives that many of us think are too hard to reach.

We have so much to learn.

Click here for more Fr. Stan.   Click here for the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

hi my sweet gina, i just KNEW that you would really "get" the meanings of this song/vidio...i think fr. stan did an awesome job with not only the lyrics, but also with all the "news clips" he showed in the beginning and end....what an unbelievably effective "voice for GOD" soldier he is.......thanks for finding the written lyrics too. i liked having you my sister, janet

Gina said...

Fr. Stan is definitely one of my faves. He is doing what no one is doing. Word on Fire is my other fave.

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