Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Response to a response I read

Recently, today in fact, I came across a comment to which I felt I must respond. In a later post, the poster identifies him/her self as Catholic, a practicing Catholic in fact. Here is the original post.

"No problem, why not just tell the President that the Catholic church will not participate, which might destroy the health legislation. Then you can go back to providing your own money to take care of those people who need medical help. Also the Church will need to stop using any of the insurance companies that are doing business today. Abortion is legal as are the preventive contraceptives at present, so the Church will need to get these provisions overturned as soon as possible. All those who think that our government is at war with the Church could move to the Vatican one of the few places that abortion is illegal. But you will have to put up with the Italian State which allows abortion. The first amendment implies that no religion can be selected by the government to impose its dogma on the rest of the country. Remember you and I have freedom to choose and we can choose not to have abortion or use contraceptives, but we cannot tell other people what they must choose. The government might also take the tax loophole away from the Church for being a conservative, republican, catholic political party. God Bless you and just continue to speak our against what you do not like, but do not expect me to agree with you. By the way, I do not believe in abortion except under the current law that allows it for incest, rape and the life of the mother. "

And I repond to this writer and anyone else who claims these beliefs the following...
Your payment for the abortion makes you a particpant......and what makes the baby conceived from incest or rape less of a child than a child conceived in a wanted manner? Clearly the child can not chose the manner he or she enters the world. If you believe abortion wrong in one case, you must believe it wrong in all cases, or you are assigning worth to a child based on the circumstances to which the child enters our airspace. That is grossly unfair. The fact that a government deems a practice legal remains a far cry from the practice (abortion) being just. Not too long ago in our own country slavery enjoyed the same false legality. Do you believe that people in that time period actually possessed the right to own slaves? Would you have contributed money into a fund that allowed people to be bought as slaves even though you yourself opposed it? Turn to Germany. Once laws prevented the Jewish person from citizenship in their own country. Could that be right just because the law of the land proclaimed it? No way. When a law conflicts with God's law (catholic talking to catholic here), always go the way of God. Do you intend to stand before almighty God and honestly say that I personally do not believe in abortion, but the law passed, so I respected people's rights to follow it? In other words, to take the child He just created and destroy it. You might give some pause and thought to that. You say in your post that we have the freedom to chose. This mandate strips that freedom away. When you force me to pay any amount in any way for an abortion, when you propose to provide contraception and education privately to my daughter, when you tell employers and health care workers that they must violate their beliefs, freedom is gone. Plenty more could be discussed on other statements you lodged against the Catholic heiarchy, I simply caution you to remember they stand in need of many prayers as they are under attack. They are the modern day apostles, in so much as they stay in line with the Pope, they are the authentic teaching voice of the Church. This is a tenant of the Faith. If you disagree, perhaps you should look into yourself and ask are you really Catholic, or have you become Protestant? If you wish to follow up with a comment, you can find me at where I will repost my comment.

Wake up America! Or when you do will we be reliving Germany during WWII?

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Eddie Ray said...

Very well put........
Yes...Everybody does need to pull
there heads out of the T.V. set
and wake up.

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