Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now I've Heard it All

Get a load of this statement:
“The reason I perform abortions is because I’m a Christian...Personally, I believe in the strength, intellect and fortitude of women. When a woman says a fetus is a person, I think it is one. I believe the woman empowers the fetus.” (Dr. Richard Grossman, from Doc at Catholic hospital: ‘I perform abortions because I’m a Christian’ by Patrick B. Craine. Click here to read the entire article at

I didn't realize that being "A Christian" meant "believing in the fortitude of women." I thought it meant believing in and obeying Jesus Christ and the Church he founded.

And the way of death is this: First of all it is evil and accursed: murders, adultery, lust, fornication, thefts, idolatries, magic arts, witchcrafts, rape, false witness, hypocrisy, double-heartedness, deceit, haughtiness, depravity, self-will, greediness, filthy talking, jealousy, over-confidence, loftiness, boastfulness; persecutors of the good, hating truth, loving a lie, not knowing a reward for righteousness, not cleaving to good nor to righteous judgment, watching not for that which is good, but for that which is evil; from whom meekness and endurance are far, loving vanities, persuing revenge, not pitying a poor man, not laboring for the afflicted, not knowing Him Who made them, murderers of children, destroyers of the handiwork of God, turning away from him who is in want, afflicting him who is distressed, advocates of the rich, lawless judges of the poor, utter sinners. Be delivered, children, from all these.
(From The Didache, The Lord's Teaching Through the Twelve Apostles to the Nations, Chapter 5: The Way of Death)


Teresa said...

Whenever I think I've heard it all something even more outrageous occurs.

The abortionist is not a Christian in my book. A Christian does not murder countless innocents all because of "choice". You're right, Christians follow God's laws.

Gina said...

Isn't it just mind-boggling? Thanks for reading, Teresa.

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