Sunday, January 3, 2010


They travelled from a great distance to pay Him homage, following a star to the place where the infant King lay.  The Magi bore the newborn Jesus gifts:  Gold for the King; Frankincense for the God; Myrrh for the Man.  As Fr. Joseph said at Mass, "Think about the gifts you have to offer, and don't be selfish with them. Travel outside the boundaries of your known world--outside of your family, immediate friends and known places--and be prepared to give of yourself.  It's there that you will find Jesus."

Our goal with this mission ... [was] to create an awesome moment for one bell ringer and the random New Yorkers and tourists who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Fill your 2010 with awesome moments that lie far outside of your comfort zone.


Joe Strain said...

Know Him, Love Him, Serve Him
with all your might!

That is the gift that I desire to provide.

Gina said...

" we may be happy with Him in the next life!" Wow, I guess we all have that Baltimore Catechism just below the surface.

Joe, I pray that you and all of us can achieve this! Make it a fabulous 2010!

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