Sunday, June 21, 2009


"Whenever you think you understand what you're looking at, take a giant step back and look at the bigger picture. It sure don't look the same on a larger scale, does it?" -My Dad

In our family we never stand on ceremony. Father's Day is "just another day in my life, kid." Of course that will never stop me from picking up the phone and enjoying a nice conversation with Dad.

If Dad is anything, he's consistent. Aside from his white hair he even looks the same as he did when I was just a baby. Most of the time, the conversation is pretty much the same. We talk a little home maintenance, a little finance, a touch of politics and he always brings it home with "love you much" in his unmistakably resonant baritone.

Our visits are also pretty much the same. We sit around, shoot the breeze, reminisce a little, perhaps tell a couple of stupid jokes, take a nap and then head back home.

Years ago it drove me nuts, but the older I get, the more I rely on that consistency. I like knowing that no matter how much things might change in my life, Dad will always be the same.

Just like our Father in Heaven.

As we spend today celebrating our dads and the great gift of Fatherhood, may we all remember to celebrate the great love of our Heavenly Father as well.


Anonymous said...

Not only am I the King of Zamunda and all of the land that I survey, I am also a concerned Dad.

Gina said...


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